Teams – Event Information

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Entrance Map

Boat Trailer Parking Information:

  • All boat trailers enter the venue from Riverside Drive at the Police Substation.
  • Trailers please arrive no later than Saturday morning at 6:00 am
  • Teams trailers will be directed to park in the lower marina lot. Please follow the direction of the parking attendants. Trucks should unhitch their trailers and then return back up the hill to the upper parking lot by the UA Boatyard..
  • Any overflow trailer parking will be directed to park in the upper lot next to the UA boatyard BEFORE going down the hill. Again, please respect the parking attendants instructions!
  • The lower marina parking lot is the staging area for all teams. The park road must remain clear for emergency vehicles. Please note other areas may be marked that must remain clear.

Team Registration/Coach Information:

  • Coaches please register teams upon arrival Saturday morning. The team registration tent is located near shelter house 3
  • All teams must turn in any missing waivers, unpaid fees and any scratches.
  • Coach/Cox meeting 8:00 am – near shelter house #3, close to the vendor row and tent city.
  • Protests are discouraged at this event. However, in the case of intentional or wanton interference or unsportsmanlike conduct by any competitor, coach or team representative, a protest will be heard by a committee of the starter, finish line representative, launch dock personnel and aligner. We reserve the right to access information from the 5 referee/spotter launch personnel stationed along the course for any flagrant violation of racing rules. As always, a protest must be accompanied by $25, a written statement of the incident, the crews involved (by name and bow number) and what relief is sought. Consult the US Rowing Rules of Racing for further details.
    • Protests can be brought to the dock master at either the launch or recovery dock – the dock master will communicate the protest to the aligner/Chris Swartz.

Rower Drop Off:

  • Rowers may be dropped off at the shuttle stop at the police substation located off Riverside Drive. (Closest drop off to tent city).
  • Absolutely no rower should be dropped off directly on Riverside Drive per the Columbus Police Department. Please keep our rowers safe!
  • Busses will not be permitted into the venue area due to safety reasons.
  • Team bus parking in Nottingham lot.

Tent City Information:

  • Tent City is located north of the UA boathouse. The area can be accessed if you walk north from the UA Boathouse several yards then cross a small footbridge (foot traffic only), it can also be accessed from the Griggs Reservoir Park Road, just north of the launch docks, up the hill (foot traffic only-great view of finish from tent city).
  • Chuck wagon unloading and loading (limited to early morning set up and end of day tear down) tent city can be accessed from Riverside Drive at the base of Zollinger Road at the Damn Keepers House.
  • There is NO parking in this area and is strictly for drop off and pick up for the chuck wagons, only. Team members CAN NOT be dropped off here. This entrance is gated and will be open only in the morning and at the end of the regatta. Chuck Wagon Parking in Nottingham lot.
  • Your Tent City Coordinator: 
  • The City of Columbus does not allow any staking of tents. Please be sure to bring alternative provisions for securing your tents.
  • Each team will have a recycling and trash container at their site. A team of volunteers will be periodically replacing containers as needed throughout the day.
  • Rent-A-Johns are located at the UA Boathouse, the recovery and launch docks. All Rent-A-Johns are equipped with hand sanitizers. The Handicap Rent-A-John will be located in the launch area.