2013 Sponsors

UA Crew, Inc. would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations to the 2013 Blake Haxton Fall Invitational Regatta. Please support UA Crew sponsors and remember to thank them for their support by letting them know you are from UA Crew! Download the sponsor checklist and visit them throughout the year!

Premiere Level

OSU Medical CenterThe Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center – Dr. Steven M. Steinberg


Invitational Level


Boathouse Level


Captain Level


Coxswain Level

Rower Level

Stroke Level

Alumni & Family Level

High Five Level & “Shout Outs”

  • “Row bears” to Ian Lind from Orlene and Steve.
  • “Good Luck, Charlie Mitchell! Love from, Mom, Dad, Ross and Louise! Row Bears!!”
  • “Cox, Row, Erg, Win! Good luck Connor! Love Great Grammie and Great Papa Free”
  • “Row well and live Jordan! Love Mom, Dad, Adam and Jiffy”
  • “Good luck Maggie! Love Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and Lindsay”
  • “Have a great day Caroline Bair and UA Crew from the Murray Family”
  • “Go Eddie! Row Bears! Love Mom, Dad, Max and Trevor”
  • “Jack Holman – Row Bear Row! Love Mom, Dad, Audrey and Lindsay”
  • “Kendall Trudeau – We love you and are so proud of you! Big hugs from your family!”
  • Good luck Caroline Bair and UA Crew from the Schildmeyer Family
  • “Row Bears! Have a great day! – Jeanine Hummer”
  • “Go Livee – Row, Row, Row Your Boat! Love, Mom & Dad”
  • “Peter – Power 10 to the end! Love Mom, Dad, Conor and Henry”
  • “Alexis – We’re proud of you! Best of luck! Love, Mom, Dad and Mia”
  • “Good luck, Paul! We love you, Mom , Dad & Gretchen”
  • “Good luck UA Crew!” – The Ostrowski Family
  • “Power 10 Kate! Love, Mom, Dad and Jack”
  • “Good luck Kaitlyn! Joanna, Ryan, Addie and Luke Helon”
  • “Paul, Jeffrey, Row well, have fun! Love Nana and YaYo”
  • “Good luck , Jeffrey! We love you, Mom, Dad & Gretchen”
  • “Go Little Bear Yena Zerkel from Geoff and Gwen in LA”
  • “Good luck Kaitlyn and UA Crew! Love Grandma and Grandpa Roberts”
  • “GO Connor!!! ROW Bears!!!” From: Home and Nani
  • “Row Bears! Good luck at the 4th Annual Haxton Invitational Regatta!” – David Campbell
  • “Good luck Kaitlyn and UA Crew – Love Holly, John, Irena, Julia and Emily”
  • “Power 10 to the finish UA!” – Ray and Phylis Crook
  • “Good luck Peter & UA Crew! Love Papaw, Mary and Mimi”
  • Auddino’s Italian Bakery
  • Kim’s Capture Balancing Body and Spirit
  • Petsmart
  • Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park
  • Craig Sturtz
  • Rick Young Hair Studio